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"I had some really bad struggles for a while in high school with eating disorders. I struggled with self-confidence. The world presents how you’re supposed to look. I got really, really unhappy. Around that time I stopped going to church and seminary. I didn’t really care about it. But I found that I ended up in a really bad place. I was not making decisions I wanted. I was so busy worrying about something, it really cut me off from other people and relationships It cut off my relationships with my parents. There was a time where me and my mom didn’t talk for about a year. I was coming home later than curfew, in trouble all the time.

What changed the most about the way I feel about myself was knowing that God created me and I should love what God created. It’s made me a happier person. I have a lot more confidence now. Not just in what I look like, but what I can do. I know that I am capable of lots of things. My relationship with my mom is a lot better now, but I would have liked to have had a better relationship with my mom. But now I feel better about myself in every aspect."