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"I have six sisters and one brother. It’s pretty fun. I’m the middle child, fourth of eight. We range from eight years to twenty-two or twenty-three. I can’t remember how old the oldest is. We play a lot of board games together, so we have a pretty decent board game collection. Our favorite family board game tends to be Settlers of Catan. It’s a good one. It’s usually between my brother and me. Sometimes the goal is just to not let him win.

I also play a lot of basketball. Back in 8th grade I was thinking about joining the middle school basketball team, but after the first day of trying out I decided to not follow through with it, and I gave up on it. I kind of justified it at the time by saying I didn’t have time for it. But I’m on a rec ball team right now. I play either center or power forward. It’s really fun. I like scoring points a lot. I play with a couple of my good friends Nick and Parker. I have a lot of good memories with them. I think the best memories were at scout camp where it was just me and Parker, and we got all the other troops in the camp to know our daily cheer, because we always did the same thing: ‘We’re the hillbilly hicks from troop seven eighty six and we like to eat our chicken on sticks!’ On the last day we even had somebody copy it."