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“I was born here but I was raised in Arizona. It’s a different mentality down there. I know everything out there. And then coming out here, to Utah, you do something once in your life and you’re that way forever. It’s really bad, like if I go find a job and someone messes up in front of me, I lose everything. I gotta start all over. I dedicated myself to a certain person. Bouncing around, watching her be with other people was discouraging. I was just trying to do it right. But you gotta keep your head up. I’m doing my best not to give up yet. There are drugs and stuff that get involved when you grow up. Things like that happen around you and you’re just trying, trying to stay away from shit like that. That’s the biggest thing: just keep trying to do the right thing. Even though you’re gonna go through some shit, you gotta get it right. Bouncing in and out of work having to do stuff like this is hard. Just living. Just living is hard.”