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“I’m from Houston, Texas. I came to Utah because I was in an abusive relationship. I just got my apartment. Now I’m waiting on the orientation, so I’m just waiting to get off the streets. It’s been a warpath you know. I stay at the shelter, so I’ve seen people get stabbed. I come down here to the streets to get away from it. It looks like a concentration camp. There are officers there twenty-four seven. It is safer for the females there now you know, because they had a couple of kidnappings of females. They wanted to keep them safe. They call me sunshine; I’m their sunshine. I let them know everything's gonna be ok. It’s gonna get better in time ya know. I literally take my shirt off my back and give it to them. It’s amazing how I am. I let them know that people do care. Whatever I have, I use to help out. I’d give them my last dollar and I’d be without. That’s just the way I am.”