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“I’m from Spokane, Washington originally. Went from there to Juneau, Alaska. My old man was working construction up there and I was a kid going to school. Got snowed in a lot during the winter time. I missed more school than you can shake a stick at because of the snow.”

“What is a good experience you’ve had, your best memory from a time in your life?”

“Can’t rightly think of any. You see where all my positivity has gotten me. There’s a lot of things I wish I could change. But if I went back and tried to change I’d probably do ‘em all over again.
Back in ‘08 my boss in California sold everything off. I wound up without work so I travelled the countryside looking for whatever I could find. Instead I got emphysema.”

“What keeps you going?”

“Nothing. Nothing but the dog. I got Taya five years ago. She was eight years old and somebody found her on the free list. She’s been a dream. I haven’t had to teach the dog nothing. She’s probably the most docile dog you’ll ever meet. Very calming.”