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“I’ve not really had many tough struggles. Since I retired I find it very boring to sit at home. My struggle is to keep busy and do something that is worthwhile. I’m 78. My wife’s 75. We travel a little bit. We go on a cruise now and then. Our last one was we went to the antarctic on a five week cruise ship. We went down the east side of South america and down and around then back up the west side. We had a whole lot of fun. We met some interesting people, and it sold my wife into having more cruises so we’re going on another one this spring. It’s fun to go down there and play with the penguins.

I was a building contractor for 35 years in Oregon and here and in California. One of my proudest things we built was the house for Danny Ainge’s parents in California. We knew Danny very well in Eugene. My wife and his mother were very good friends. I always say, ‘Since I was his mutual basketball coach, I taught him everything he knows.’”