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“So I was snowboarding up at the Targhees in Idaho and I’m going down this big canyon, and I’m thinking you know, ‘I’m gonna go as fast as I can and I’m gonna see how high I can get up the other side.’ You can see where this is a flawed mentality. So the snow is super soft, but I hit the bottom and I start going up. It’s as hard as a rock. I hit it. My board nailed it, and I start somersaulting up the hill. Like physically impossible, but I’m tumbling going up the hill. I ended up making it fifteen to twenty feet up this hill just by flipping around. My goggles fell off, my beanie’s somewhere, and it was just icy. It was like a cat went ham on my face. All shredded. My cheeks were scratched because it was so icy and sharp. I was there with my brother. He thought it was hilarious.”